Color Correction in Premiere Pro

Here’s a tutorial on perfecting video quality in Adobe Premiere Pro CS 3 with the following agenda.


The tutorial is from a training product that has been discontinued and uses an older version of Premiere Pro, though the functionality has not meaningfully changed since then, so the knowledge should transfer. 

If you’d like to follow along with the action in the tutorial, you can download the file that I’m working with via this link. You know the drill; just right-click the link and choose Save Link As or the equivalent in your browser.

You’ll have to endure a ten-second advertisement for my new book (published 2011) at the start of the tutorial. My obvious goal is that you’ll be so blown away by the tutorial that you’ll madly go out and order the book, but we’ll see. Call it an experiment in content marketing.

The video has a resolution of 1024×768, but is displayed in a 640×480 player to fit on this webpage. It should look great at full screen, so give that a shot for a big picture view.

Here’s the tutorial.

Color correction in Premiere Pro

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