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I’m not a big fan of Quora, but occasionally the questions and answers are relevant. I saw this one today:

Question: I want to gain hireable, professional-level experience and perhaps work in documentary filmmaking one day.

Here’s a portion of the response from Chris Keath, Broadcast Engineer:

Well, FCP 7 is still extremely common, but FCP X is not common at all, so… well, there ain’t just one FCP anymore. Note that FCP7 is no longer for sale by Apple, only X. FCP X is not very enterprise friendly (you can’t set the path to store your media for example, only the volume) and behind the scenes Adobe is scooping up the enterprise clients Apple stabbed in the back. Avid is still a player, even if they can only afford to play defense.

I was at a broadcast post production round table 2 weeks ago in NYC w/ guys from many big media companies in the city. None had deployed a single seat of FCP X into production, all the Avid shops were staying put, all the FCP 7 shops were heading to Premiere. Premiere is FCP 8 was the joke. It’s funny cuz it’s true – CS6 can open FCP7 projects, but FCP X really can’t – for many big houses, there was no where else to go.

CNN has standardized on Premiere, many seats use a scaled down version that looks a lot like Avid’s Newscutter, as have all the Hearst Stations. I know CBS Sports Network is also moving to Premiere, and that big parts of BBC are moving that way too. WGBH and many of the big PBS houses are Avid, as is HBO. Reuters is going over to Premiere.

Gary-Bettan, Owner of, added:

If you intend to become a professional video content producer, you need to be learning Avid and Adobe. While Apple had a very large professional user base with FCP7, when they went to the radical new FCPX they lost major market share in the pro segment. FCPX is a fine program and Apple has been steadily improving it. That said it simply does not fit in or support many professional post and broadcast workflows.

Adobe is making a big push into the pro market. Premiere CS6 is a really good NLE, and many long time FCP users refer to it tongue in cheek as FCP8. Any pro video editor knows and uses Photoshop and After Effects. What makes Adobe really strong is how their titles interact adn work together. With Adobe it’s not just a bunch of titles marketed together as a suite. With Adobe CS6 you get an unprecedented level of integrations and inter-operability. Adobe sells student versions as well.

You can read more responses, here.

I’m not claiming to be totally neutral on the topic; here are my published thoughts on FCPX.

“I recently reviewed the new features in Final Cut Pro 10.0.3 and found them impressive. Overall, though, I abhor the program. When I run FCPX, my reaction is visceral; I feel the walls pressing in and my blood pressure rising. I adore the clean slate of Adobe Premiere Pro and its doppelganger Final Cut Pro 7. FCPX has so much structure, so many completely foreign concepts, that it feels like my 31″ monitor has shrunk to 17″.”

So, while I didn’t answer the question on Quora, I think you know which program gets my vote.


#1PantherSaid this on 04/21/2015 At 10:00 pm

I appreciate this post. I feel the same exact way after going from an iPhone to an Android. the amount of complexity Apple creates just to do something as simple as taking out a SIM card of their phone, and into another, makes my blood boil. I have been with a new phone, same number, with inability to text or get texts from iPhone users for about a week. You have to...

disable iMessage on your old iPhone

sign out of iCloud on your phone

delete your iPhone device from your profile in iCloud

erase your phone # from Apple's account on their website

sign out of any iMessage you may be signed into on other computers you may be logged into

reset the network settings on your old iPhone


if all of that fails? ask your friends with iPhones to sign out of iMessage and THEN message you through SMS system


if that still fails, call Apple, and have them deactivate your phone in your iCloud profile. they may already tell you "it's already been diactivated. so there is nothing we could do on our part". basically the same step you did early when deleting the phone from your profile.


if that fails, you must reset your iCloud password, which is synced your old phone number tied to your iPhone

if that fails? well... change your number.


and the funny is, NONE OF THIS WAS TOLD TO ME, Apple's consumer, from any Apple representative. it was all told by iPhone users on Apple forums. crazy, isn't it?


THAT'S APPLE! why the fuck on earth would i want to deal with this shit in a video editing program? FUCK NO! FUCK YOU, APPLE! I am seriously considering not ever buying another Apple product because of how idiotic, and how arrogant Apple always is. they are the winners, they got the die hard fans that buy any or every of their product, they know everything. they don't even take your suggestions, and it's in their agreement you sign.


anyway, I have been learning FCP X for about a week. it's been very interesting, but without watching youtube videos, i would be total lost. on top of that, all of it is very confusing and complicated. How do I even save prodjects? i have to watch a youtube video just to do something as simple as going File > Save Project As in other editing programs that I could buy for 10x less money. but no!! with Apple, you need to learn from the Pros and pay them big bucks to teach you "the magic tricks and the goodies" that you could learn. no thanks. I'll stick with companies with integrity, and good business ethics instead. And at least companies that don't treat their consumers like shit.


I am taking my business elsewhere, and so should you if you're reading this. and I haven't even gotten into the core stupidity and the horrid business ethics Apple practices. if my memory serves me correctly, Apple was voted as one of the worst companies with when it comes to business ethics in 2012.