Video Production for Streaming

Here are the handouts from my recent presesentation at Streaming Media West in LA. Here's the description.

Producing top-quality Web video involves multiple skills, including setting the scene (choosing your backgrounds, clothing, and positioning); lighting; shooting the video; scaling and preprocessing the video to the target resolution; and finally, encoding. This seminar illustrates each step with real-world examples and checklists for encoding into Flash and Windows Media formats. It will outline procedures and describe how producing for the Web differs from producing for broadcast, DVD, and other more traditional distribution outlets.

You can download the presentation below.


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Said this on 01/01/2012 At 07:10 am

In the presentation there are some overlapped photos (one over another) and I can't see them all. What to do? Thank You

Said this on 01/01/2012 At 11:27 am
Let me see if there's an easy way to create pages that separate out these images.

Said this on 01/02/2012 At 01:49 pm

Jan, I found my way. When I zoom it well it is possible to select each and copy/paste somewhere else. 

Presentation is brilliant as well as site. 

Thank you.


Said this on 01/02/2012 At 02:36 pm
Brilliant, and thanks. For those not as enterprising as you, I posted another PDF with all of the pictures either on separate pages or with the pictures spread on the page.

I hope you find it useful.

Best, and thanks for the kind words.


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