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One of the tricks to speedy encoding with Sorenson Squeeze is to open multiple instances of the program and encode in parallel, which you could do on the Mac and in Windows through version 5.x. When I tested this with version 6, however, it no longer worked on the Mac.

For this reason, when I reviewed Sorenson Squeeze for my 2010 Encoder Review story, I concluded:

Note that while I could run multiple instances of Squeeze 5 and produce H.264 files simultaneously, when I opened multiple instances of Squeeze 6 on the Mac, the H.264-related templates and presets were not available, slowing H.264 performance compared to Squeeze 5 considerably. That’s why there’s an “N/A” in this line for Squeeze 6.

After the article came out, I heard the following from a contact at Sorenson:

Hey, I just read your “Where The Rubber Meets The Road: 2010 Encoder Comparison” article and wanted you to know that I just figured out the problem as to why you couldn’t run multiple instances of Squeeze on the Mac with MP4 presets in both.  I have heard this once before and started looking into it.  The problem is that the name of the Squeeze executable is linked to some of our codecs so the Squeeze executable would have to be named “Squeeze” and not “Squeeze copy” or something like that in order for the MP4 codec to load.  So if you were to paste a copy of the Squeeze executable to another directory on your machine, you would be allowed to have bother named “Squeeze” and then you would be able to do what you were trying to do.  Just thought you would want to know.

With previous versions of Squeeze, I simply created multiple copies of Squeeze called Squeeze 1, Squeeze 2, etc, and as my contact indicated, that wouldn’t (and didn’t) work. So, I tried putting copies called Squeeze in multiple directories and it worked like a charm. Here’s what it looks like in my Applications folder.

squeeze mac-2.jpg

I recommend trying this approach for H.264 and VP6 encoding on the Mac and Windows. Note that in Windows you don’t have to mes with creating the directory structure, you can just run the program once for each version you want opened. For example, if you have a quick launch icon on your desktop for Squeeze (and who doesn’t?), just click it five times if you want five open instances.


#1Rob NSaid this on 05/25/2010 At 08:33 pm

Hi Jan

I'd never thought to run multiple instances as "workflow" always lead me to dump new files onto the same job or run watchfolders when encoding large volumes just off real time.

Interestingly, in thumping through say 50 or 60 mp3s using the maximised cores options, multiple files would encode simultaneously, but not video. They still chunk through one at a time. I only use Windows (sorry...) but no difference either on Core2 Duo laptop or AMD Phenom II desktop. So maybe multiple instances is the way to go for video (most encoding is to FLV and increasingly to h.264 as MP4.

btw - it was a Sorenson contact that pointed me to your content based on your fresh article comparing h.264 to VP8. Nice work.



#2JanSaid this on 05/26/2010 At 07:15 am


Thanks for your note - Squeeze now works pretty much the same way on Mac and Windows, so no worries there. The multiple instance workflow is a touch awkward, but if you have multiple files to encode, it can save big chunks of time.

Wow, nice that Sorenson is spreading the word about that VP8 vs H.264 comparison. Lots of interest in that on, I'll be following up with more soon.

Thanks for your note.