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This is a peer review of streaming video produced by the Wine Library, written as a sidebar to a feature story by Here’s the intro:

As you’ve read in Troy Dreier’s feature, the Wine Library’s producer and star, Gary Vaynerchuk, is vocal about not stressing over production values and streaming quality, which is a shame because the producers at Wine Library are definitely leaving some quality on the table——though several options may relate to the technology decisions made by the site’s service providers, not Wine Library. Though the overall score is high, the critical mistakes——in choosing a background, codec selection, and encoding techniques——are so fundamental that they unnecessarily degrade the quality of the entire production. I get Vaynerchuk’s aversion to overproducing the show, but this is like serving a red wine without letting it breathe or a white wine at room temperature. Pay attention to a couple of key details, and quality should improve considerably.

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