Interview on WebM and HTML5 at StreamingMedia West produced a number of video interviews at StreamingMedia West, including an interview with StreamingLearning Center's founding visionary, Jan Ozer (sorry, couldn't resist, writing in the third party is so freeing). As the title suggests, host Peter Cervieri and I discuss WebM, HTML5 and several other issues.

Interestingly, the interview was shot with a single HD camera, and the ScribeMedia folks did a great job making it look like a multiple camera shoot. Note the cool "Smallville" effect, with the video starting at near black and white and then transitioning into color.

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Said this on 1-26-2011 At 05:22 am

Thats a good point on the developing issue I never thought about.
But I rather prefer religning on the standards then living with the flash issues that you mentioned (and yes they also appear on pc).

Thanks for this Interview,
best regards.

Said this on 1-26-2011 At 05:14 pm

THanks for watching and for leaving a note.


Said this on 2-19-2012 At 06:48 pm

I agree with the commnet, H.264 has been really made the video perception and quality. The VP8 is still new and lot to acheive, it might become a compitator for h.264, because of google driving it. But for me H.264 serves all the needs to the present customer base, and I dont see the VP8 joining in for next two years.

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