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New Macintosh Lessons Added to Streaming Media 101

Just a quick post to advise potential students that we’ve supplemented the course Streaming Media 101 : Technical Onboarding for Streaming Media Professionals with five new Mac-based lessons, which are: Installing and using MediaInfo for the Mac Installing and using MP4 Bitrate Viewer Installing and using Apple’s Advanced Video Quality Tool (AVQT) (Also added to our course on video metrics) …

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SVT Releases Open-Source Encoder: Simplifies Large Scale Encoder Development

If you’re building a large-scale in-house VOD encoder, your job just got easier as SVT open-sources Encore, their VOD encoder.  One of the most fundamental decisions all streaming publishers must make is whether to purchase a commercial encoder, use a commercial cloud encoder, or build their own, the classic make vs. buy. One of the most startling findings from the …

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Beginner’s Guide to Live Streaming

Welcome to this introduction to live streaming, which details what live streaming is, how it works, and technology alternatives to implement live streaming, from third-party service providers to DIY (do it yourself).  What is Live Streaming? Live streaming is a one-to-many technology that: Inputs a single video stream from a camera or video mixer Transcodes that stream into multiple streams …

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How to Create a New Video Encoding Command String in 11 Simple Steps

I’ve spent the last two months testing four AV1 codecs accessible via command-line arguments and I start testing VVC codecs next week. Trying to fairly and accurately test the capabilities of these codecs turned out to be a pretty grueling and messy task. The key challenge, of course, was creating the optimal video encoding command string for each codec. While …

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