New AV1 Training Course Teaches How To Encode with AV1

A new Streaming Learning Center Course, Encoding with the AV1 Codec, teaches how to optimize AV1 encoding with four AV1 codecs (aomenc, libaom-av1, SVT-AV1, Aurora1). Available now for $99.95. If you’re looking for a structured AV1 training program to learn how to encode with AV1, this is it. Click here for more information or to purchase the course. 

The AV1 codec is a complicated technology with many unique and idiosyncratic parameters like auto-alt-ref, lag-in-frames, and tile/columns that can dramatically impact encoding time and quality, and incomplete and sometimes incorrect documentation. Those new to AV1-encoding can waste hours of research and testing and still not produce optimal quality in the lowest possible encoding time.

Learn to Encode with AV1

In this course, you will learn:

  • About the AV1 codec, including where AV1 plays and royalty status.
  • How the four primary AV1 codecs (FFmpeg, aomenc, SVT-AV1, and Aurora1) compare in terms of quality and encoding time.
  • How to create optimized command strings to use when producing AV1 video with these encoders, including the best preset for meeting your quality/encoding time targets, and how to configure key AV1 encoding parameters for optimal performance.
  • A review of the command strings used by Facebook, Netflix, and other sources to identify which encoding parameters you can ignore and which you must incorporate into your command strings to achieve optimal quality and encoding speed.

Choose the Optimal Preset

Presets control the quality/encoding time tradeoff for each encoder. It’s tempting to just dial in the highest quality but that could increase your encoding time by 10X with minimal quality improvement. For each encoder, we present and discuss a chart that shows the encoding time, average quality, and transient quality for each preset.

To produce these charts, we encoded 16 test files to all presets using all encoders and compiled the results. Again, this took weeks of time to produce but allows you to choose the best preset for your needs in minutes.

This AV1 training course includes charts like this to help you understand the impact of presets on AV1 Encoding Time

Understand and Optimize Key AV1 Encoding Parameters

To determine the optimal configuration for each encoder, we analyzed the key AV1 encoding parameters for each, encoding in multiple configurations and measuring encoding time, average quality, low-frame quality (to identify transient quality issues), and VMAF standard deviation (to measure quality consistency).

This testing took weeks of time but enables you to choose the optimal configuration for your encodes in minutes. You’ll also understand exactly what these parameters do so you can properly customize them for your own use, if necessary.

Buy this course, and you’ll save yourself a ton of time and aggravation, and you’ll get your AV1 encoding right the very first time. Click here for more information.


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