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AV1 Encoding with aomenc.exe, libaom-AV1, SVT-AV1, and Aurora1

While 2018 was the year AV1 became known, 2020 will be the year that AV1 became interesting, primarily because of three developments. First, in early 2020, AV1-enabled smart TVs hit the market, right on the 2-year schedule announced back in 2018 by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia). Second, over the past two years, encoding times for the AOMedia AV1 …

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New AV1 Training Course Teaches How To Encode with AV1

A new Streaming Learning Center Course, Encoding with the AV1 Codec, teaches how to optimize AV1 encoding with four AV1 codecs (aomenc, libaom-av1, SVT-AV1, Aurora1). Available now for $99.95. If you’re looking for a structured AV1 training program to learn how to encode with AV1, this is it. Click here for more information or to purchase the course.  The AV1 …

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