Crunch Video Optimization Now Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

I’ve been a fan of video optimization technologies for a while now, and consider optimization simpler, cheaper, and potentially just as effective as adding a new codec like HEVC or VP9. I’m pleased to see that the Crunch Mediaworks Video Enhancement Solutions App is now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

I reviewed Crunch‘s technology back in 2019 for video messaging and found that “the Crunch Media Optimizer can reduce video bandwidth by 34% with no quality loss, making the Crunch Media Optimizer worthy of consideration for all video messaging apps.” I hope to compare Crunch optimization to other per-title technologies in a publishing use case in the near term.

Note that in addition to optimization, Crunch can also perform AI-based video upscaling. I just recorded a Zoom video yesterday and got back a 640×360 file; I’ll be testing Crunch to see how well it can zoom the file without blurriness or other distortion.

In the meantime, if you’re testing video optimization solutions on the Oracle platform, check out the Crunch Video Enhancement Solutions.

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