Interview with Sisvel CEO Mattia Fogliacco About New VP9 and AV1 Patent Pools

In this video, I interviewed Sisvel CEO Mattia Fogliacco about the new VP9 and AV1 patent pools. Our discussion covered:

  • Background on Sisvel
  • Due diligence performed before Sisvel formulated the pool to confirm the validity of their patents
  • Details about the royalty structure and what’s covered by the license (and what’s not covered)

The image atop this article comes from a video titled Play the Right Future that is available on the Sisvel website here.

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  1. What a piece of t… patent troll.

  2. Manfred Strubinsky

    Haven’t seen a similar hypocrite in a while. “Innovation for society” – haha. They want to protect the innovators from the last decades, which are uncountable, commercial and noncommercial.
    They list only 5 patent owners on their site? They not even list the patents they claim to cover?
    They don’t cover software? They don’t dare to attack Google. This is all ridiculous.