Dolby Finds That Streaming 101 Course “Enhanced Overall Productivity”

When I launched my online course, Streaming Media 101: Technical Onboarding for Streaming Media Professionals, one of the first companies that signed on for multiple students was Dolby Laboratories, Inc. Several students came from the Enterprise Encoding division, which is headed by Senior Director David Trescot. This is the group that created the Hybrik encoding platform acquired by Dolby in 2018.

I asked David for a statement about the value the course provided, and this is what he said.

Jan’s course is a “must watch” for new employees in our streaming media group. The course is highly valuable and continually updated. Students learn about encoding, packaging, delivery, and the streaming media ecosystem. Our team has enjoyed the class, and it has accelerated their learning in streaming media and enhanced overall productivity. Definitely a good investment!

When I created the course, I envisioned a resource that would help companies onboard professionals new to streaming media, and it’s gratifying that Dolby, and many other companies, are confirming its value.

Operationally, to facilitate multiple employees taking the course, companies can buy a block of subscriptions directly from the Streaming Learning Center rather than having each employee subscribe and pay individually. Then, we issue a code that employees can use to subscribe to the course at no charge. Volume discounts start with subscriptions of six students or more. All students gain perpetual access to the course with unlimited time to finish the lessons, pass all quizzes, and receive their certificates.

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I help companies train new technical hires in streaming media-related positions; I also help companies optimize their codec selections and encoding stacks, and evaluate new encoders and codecs.

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