Finishing Up

This brings up a critical point on saving intermediate files while editing. Though you can undo all of the tasks described above while you’re editing the file, once you save the file, you can’t go back—Soundbooth applies all edits and updates the file. There is no concept of a Soundbooth “project” where you go back and change your parameters. So, if the noise removal filter produced some distortion that you didn’t catch during editing, and you’d like to try different parameters, you’re back at square one, which is always frustrating.

To avoid this, save the original audio file before any editing, with some sort of descriptive name (name–original.wav), then another file after removing transient noises (name–remove pops and clicks.wav). Then save another after noise removal. Note that Soundbooth keeps your original file open (and editable) while you save the others.

figure 1When you complete your editing on the original file, save that file. If it originated in Premiere Pro, the audio track there will automatically update. If you’re producing an MP3 file for a podcast, you can Save As, then choose MP3, and Soundbooth will open simple MP3 compression controls (left).

If you’re editing a video file in Soundbooth, you can open a full version of the Adobe Media Encoder and produce the file in any supported format, which includes Flash, QuickTime, and Windows Media.

That’s it. Though Soundbooth isn’t quite as cushy as Audition, it handles most critical tasks with aplomb, on both the Mac and Windows platform. And unlike Audition, it was designed specifically with video editors in mind by a company with a wealth of experience in identifying video editors’ needs and developing its products to meet them.

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