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I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past few weeks testing HP’s new Nehalem based workstations, the Z400, Z600 and Z800, and also attending the product launch in Beverly Hills last week. I’ll release benchmarks soon, but one of the key features of HP’s BMW-redesigned cases was accessibility. That is, if you have 1,000 of these babies installed in a company like … say … Dreamworks (where we saw a preview of Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D the day before its official launch), you need to be able to quickly open the case to add memory or to replace a component.

As this video from YouTube shows, mission accomplished. In terms of procedure, I shot the video in HDV, edited in Adobe Premiere and output in Adobe Media Encoder in 720p using the h.264 Apple TV preset (but changing the frame rate from 24 to 29.97). Then I uploaded and waited about 12 hours for YouTube to encode the result in HD (YouTube produces the low res file immediately).

Click HD on the bottom right after the video starts playing to play the HD file, and then click to full screen. That’s 720p video at 2 mbps, and it looks grand. I love having YouTube as my content delivery network!

For those who care about such things, the opening and closing music is courtesy of SmartSound, the world’s fastest (and best) way for non-musicians to find and create custom length soundtracks for projects ranging from this short video to full length movies.

And, yes, “Rosie,” is Eleanor Rose, my youngest.

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