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How to Optimize x264 and x265 Quality in FFmpeg

Agenda for talk on optimizing x265 and x265 quality with FFmpeg

This blog includes the video and handout from my talk on “How to Produce x264 and x265 Video at Maximum Quality and Maximum Efficiency” at NAB 2023 (thanks to Dan Rayburn). Here’s the description. This research-based session explores configuration options like presets, threads, color depth, and others that impact output quality and encoding efficiency. Balancing encoding cost and streaming bandwidth, …

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Ozer to Present on x265 Encoding and Packaging at Mile-High Video

You can download the presentation handout here (download). I’ll add the video once it becomes available.  I’m thrilled to speak at Mile-High Video in Denver, which runs from May 7 – 10 2023. My presentation is on Sunday, May 7, entitled, “Encoding and Packaging x265/HDR with FFmpeg, Bento4 and mp4box.” The description is, “this introductory session will cover the basics …

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Choosing an x265 Preset: an ROI Analysis

This post presents a return on investment view of choosing an x265 preset that delivers the optimal blend of encoding cost and storage and bandwidth savings. The first chart, x265 Encoding Time/Quality Tradeoff, is from a lesson in my course Streaming Media 101: Technical Onboarding for Streaming Media Professionals.  Given the bandwidth and storage savings that higher-quality x265 presets deliver, …

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AV1 Now Only 2X Slower Than x265

AV1 encoding on Windows is now only 2x slower than x265. With a properly compiled version of FFmpeg, encoding performance is slightly faster than the Alliance for Open Media’s encoder, though output quality is very slightly lower. Congrats to AOM for delivering on their promise to get encoding times down. Thanks for all the help I got from multiple sources, …

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Telestream Helps Launch Open Source x265/HEVC Project

This week, Telestream announced the availability of an open source H.265 (HEVC) encoder, co-founded and managed by MulticoreWare Inc. I had a chance to speak with Telestream CTO Shawn Carnahan about the venture.

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The Quality Cost of Low-Latency Transcoding

Figure shows the different components to live streaming latency.

While low-latency transcoding sounds desirable, low-latency transcode settings can reduce quality and may not noticeably impact latency. Reducing latency has been a major focus for many live producers, and appropriately so, particularly for events that viewers can watch via other media, like sporting events available through satellite or cable TV. However, it’s important to understand that transcoding latency contributes minimally …

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Five Codec-Related Techniques to Cut Bandwidth Costs

Rating techniques that cut bandwidth costs.

The mandate for streaming producers hasn’t changed since we delivered RealVideo streams targeted at 28.8 modems; that is, we must produce the absolute best quality video at the lowest possible bandwidth. With cost control top of mind for many streaming producers, let’s explore five codec-related options to cut bandwidth costs while maintaining quality. For each, I’ll consider the factors summarized …

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My FFmpeg-Related New Year’s Resolution: Document Before I Test

My typical workflow for testing-related articles and reports is to create the command string, run the tests, analyze the results, and then write or create the presentation. Since encoding is often so time-consuming, and I’m always in a hurry, I tend to quickly create the command strings with minimal thought, then run the tests, analyze the results, and start to …

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Understanding the Economics of Transcoding

A real-world comparison of the cost per stream and OPEX associated with different transcoding techniques.

Whether your business model is FAST or subscription-based premium content, your success depends upon your ability to deliver a high-quality viewing experience while relentlessly reducing costs. Transcoding is one of the most expensive production-related costs and the ultimate determinant of video quality, so obviously plays a huge role on both sides of this equation. This article identifies the most relevant …

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The Impact of GOP Size on Video Quality

This freely downloadable report measures the qualitative impact of GOP sizes on animated, general entertainment, sports, and office footage for H.264 and HEVC. One of the most fundamental encoding decisions is GOP size or the frequency of I-frames in our encoded files. I-frames, also called keyframes, start each “group of pictures” comprised of I-, B-, and P-frames. Most of the …

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