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Sorenson Media recently released Squeeze 6.

Here’s a screencam review that I produced for Millimeter magazine. In a couple of weeks, I’ll post a written article on Millimeter comparing encoding quality and performance of Squeeze 6 with previous versions and other products in its class.


#1Craig SeemanSaid this on 02/07/2010 At 02:01 pm

Hi Jan,

I read you're review of Squeeze 6 compared to other compression utilities. I didn't see any mention of the processing filters. That's always been Squeeze's weak point and Episode's strength in my opinion. As you've noted elsewhere, Episode has an excellent deinterlacer.

Has Squeeze made any improvements in its deinterlacer? How are Squeeze's standard conversions or frame rate conversion features.

#2Jan OzerSaid this on 02/07/2010 At 02:11 pm

Hey Craig:

Thanks for coming by. Sorenson actually improved deinterlacing quality in 5.1 - you can read about that here:

As a rule, I prefer to filter in my editor, not my encoding tool, though certainly that's idiosyncratic to how I use these tools. So I don't test filters. I also don't test standard conversions or frame rate conversions.

Got a link to any head to head comparisons of these elements, I'd love to see them. Or detail your experiences here so folks can read them.

Thanks again for stopping by.