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How to Choose Your Bitrate Control Technique

Every time you encode a video file with a distribution-oriented codec like H.264, HEVC, VP9, or AV1, you choose a bitrate control technique that controls bitrate, overall quality, transient quality, and encoding cost. Examples of common rate control modes include CBR, VBR, CRF, and Capped CRF. This article discusses how …

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Computing Break Even on Codec Deployments

To a great degree, video codec adoption is driven by the simple break-even formula presented above. You put your costs on top, your savings per hour on the bottom, and come up with the number of hours of video you have to distribute to recoup your costs and start hitting …

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Per-Title Article up on Streaming Media Magazine

We have been huge proponents of per-title encoding since its inception in 2015. Boy, has it come a long way. In this Streaming Media article, I recount the history of per-title encoding and trace its advancement from single file optimizations that could adjust only file data rate to AI-driven adjustments …

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