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One of my three sessions at Streaming Media East. Here’s the description; link to handout below.

Note: one issue that came up during the discussion was the ability for systems to handle multiple language and captions. After the presentation, I heard from a representative from Go Easy Live who stated, “As additional informational, I confirm that we are able to handle closed captioning and multi-languages (multi-channels). It is a manual setup that we need to configure, but it something that we do.

LS103. Multi-Distribution Of Live Video

Tuesday, May 8: 1:45 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Streaming to multiple destinations has become the rule more than the exception. The increased availability of hardware encoders and cloud distribution solutions has made it easier than ever to stream to multiple viewing points and platforms. From white label websites and apps to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch, getting your content to appear all over the web has never been easier. This session discusses current technologies and the costs associated with the multi-distribution of live video.

Click to download – Streaming_to_Multiple Platforms_2018

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