NETINT will be in Booth W1672 at the upcoming NAB
NETINT will be in Booth W1672 at the upcoming NAB

Come See Me (Jan Ozer) At NAB

NAB is coming up April 15 – 19 in Las Vegas. I’ll be attending with NETINT (company description below) at booth W1672. We’ll show our core product line of two ASIC-based live transcoder families, the T408 (H.264/HEVC) and the Quadra (H.264/HEVC/AV1 plus AI integration). At the show, we’ll debut two server products that integrate the board-based transcoders into a complete solution for simpler deployment and integration:

  • NETINT Video Transcoding Server – ASIC-powered transcoding server delivers 80 1080p H.264 and HEVC streams and supports resolutions up to 4K. FFmpeg and Gstreamer support, plus a native integration SDK make the server a drop-in replacement for almost any software or hardware encoder. Configurations start at $7,000 USD.
  • Integrated Game Streaming Platform – ASIC-based transcoders plus GPUs are the most cost-effective configuration to deliver a profitable, high-quality game streaming experience. We’ll fill in the technical details for the product discussed in the PDF at the show.

If you want to set up a time to meet, ping me at [email protected]. Or, if you’re in the neighborhood (W1672), stop by and say hello. I’ll be there with our COO Alex Liu, Head of Global Sales Randal Horne, Marketing Head Mark Donnigan, and several technical folks.

Here’s the NETINT Summary.

NETINT Technologies is an innovator of ASIC-based video processing solutions for low-latency video transcoding that operates on x86 and ARM-based servers. Users of NETINT solutions, including OTT, cloud-gaming, and live-streaming platforms, realize a 40x increase in encoding density and an 80x reduction in carbon emissions compared to CPU-based software encoding solutions.

NETINT makes it seamless to move from software to hardware-based video encoding so that hyper-scale video services and platforms can unlock the full potential of their computing infrastructure. NETINT is a VC-backed company of silicon innovators passionate about building impactful solutions that leave an indelible mark on the world. NETINT offices and R&D facilities are in Vancouver, Toronto, and Shanghai. To learn more, visit

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