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What’s wrong with this picture? (Mixing color temperatures)

[Editor’s Note: Michael has taken down the video, so the link below does not work.] When you’re a streaming producer, you can’t help but watch other streaming videos with a critical eye. Here’s one from Michael Katz of Blue Penguin Development, who teaches professional service providers how to position themselves …

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Buyer’s Guide: Light Kits

One of the most critical purchases a streaming producer can make is a light kit. In this article, I'll explain the factors to consider when choosing a light kit and tell you when it makes sense to spend $3,000 rather than $150.

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Lighting for Streaming Tutorials Released

I produced a DVD in 2008 called Critical Skills for Streaming Producers, in conjunction with Streaming Media Magazine. The product is now out of date and off the market, but some of the videos included with the tutorial still have some real value. In particular, the five videos relating to …

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Lighting for Streaming

Without question, lighting is the single most important determinant of streaming quality. Shoot a well lit scene with a consumer camcorder, or a poorly lit scene with the latest HD wonder with 2/3” CCDs, and the consumer camcorder wi

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Setting up Flat and Three-point Lighting

The dramatic shadows created by three-point lighting have been a staple of movies and television production since their inception, and three-point lighting remains highly touted in most tutorials, articles, and books on video lighting. However, a

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Review: The Lowel DV Creator 44 Light Kit

Most of my shoots are on-location events like concerts, ballets, and weddings, where I use on-scene lighting or, at most, an on-camera light. When I've done training videos and other similar shoots where I had more control, I've used "ad hoc" ligh

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