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Market Repositioning of Flash Begins

We’ve heard much doom and gloom about Flash for the last few months, much of it due to Adobe’s clumsy handling of their withdrawal from Android. Now Fabio Sonnati, an insightful and well-connected Flash consultant, is seeing some upside for the Flash platform. In a post entitled Market Repositioning of …

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Creating a Flash Player in Adobe Flash Catalyst

Adobe Flash Catalyst is my “go-to” tool for creating and uploading simple Flash Players to the web, and if you own Adobe CS5, you already have the tool. Here you can watch a short tutorial on how simple it is to create Flash Players with Adobe Flash Catalyst.

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Flash – the George Bush of Web Technology

I didn’t vote for George Bush in his second term; truth be told, I wasn’t that keen on him his first term, but found him better than the alternative. But despite this opinion, I never felt it fair to blame him for all the awful events that happened on his …

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