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Streaming Media West was a high-energy conference with a great vibe and the usual elegance of the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa. I gave two talks; a 3-hour preconference session entitled Advanced Codec Implementation & Production and a 45-minute session on Encoding AV1 with Open Source Alternatives. Below are the descriptions and links to the presentation downloads.

W1. Advanced Codec Implementation & Production

Over the last five years, we’ve transitioned from one codec, H.264, to seven or more (H.264, HEVC, VP9, AV1, VVC, EVC, and LCEVC). Keeping track of the performance, implementation status, and royalty status of these technologies has become exceptionally time-consuming, yet it is mission-critical for all encoding professionals. This 3-hour workshop details the implementation status of AV1, VVC, LCEVC, and EVC; discusses competitive quality/performance; and shows how to encode with available encoders. Attendees leave knowing the implementation status of these codecs and production alternatives for encode/decode.

Download the handout here:

VET103. Encoding AV1 With Open Source Alternatives (SVT-AV1/Libaom)

For many VOD producers, it’s go time for distributing video using AV1, which plays in nearly 75% of available browsers, plus all newer Android phones and many smart TVs and living room dongles. Meanwhile, the Alliance for Open media version 1.0 of the SVT-AV1 codec has joined libaom-av1 as an affordable and increasingly speedy encoding alternative. This session explores encoding with these open-source alternatives, testing key options like presets, threads, available rate control options, and other parameters to arrive at the optimal command string for both encoders.

Download the handout here:

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