Writing Production

Writing Production

Our marketing documents are easy to read, engaging, well written, informative, and very tightly focused on moving the reader from one stage of the sales cycle to the next.

Jan Ozer has written professionally since 1993, including multiple years of writing for consumer magazines like PC Magazine, as well as more technical journals like Streaming Media Magazine. Prior to writing, Ozer served in multiple marketing and sales roles for several high-tech companies.

Ozer’s primary skill is an ability to understand the significance of a new technology and describe it in a way that less technical readers can quickly understand and appreciate. Ozer can also setup and execute comparative studies that identify the key features and strengths of one product or platform over another…

To get started or for more information, please email Jan Ozer at jozer@mindspring.com

Research the Best Approach

SLC perform tests, interview users, and other research to identify the best approach for the document or other deliverables.

Outline the Deliverable

SLC delivers a detailed outline describing the contents. SLC and the customer hash this out until both parties agree on the approach.

Execute the Deliverable

SLC writes and delivers the document. This approach accelerates the process and minimizes the number of versions.

Typical scenario: A company is launching a new product or service and wants a technical document to explain its key advantages.

Process: During preliminary discussions, we identify the key advantages to be covered in the document and the most effective way to illuminate these, whether through competitive testing, customer comments, or other techniques. We also detail target length, technical level, and precise marketing function including the call to action.


HP Case Study: HP engaged SLC to produce a white paper comparing the performance of the Z840 workstation with the Apple Mac Pro. SLC designed and produced a series of tests, wrote the white paper (available here) and designed the testing used in multiple HP videos, including here and here (videos produced by third party production company).




Screenshot from HP whitepaper (click to view at full resolution).


Hybrik Case Study: Hybrik launched a new cloud encoding service that introduced a new, disruptive pricing structure. Hybrik engaged SLC to produce a white paper showing how Hybrik’s pricing compared to other services, and to help distribute the paper. The paper is available here.

Results: (Hybrik CEO David Trescott) “We hired Jan to write a white paper illuminating the savings of our pricing scheme compared to other cloud encoding vendors. Jan was familiar with the market, so quickly created the competitive analysis. Since he had contacts at most vendors, he was able to verify competitive pricing, ensuring accuracy. His reputation in the market added significant credibility to the document and distributing it from the Streaming Learning Center site helped produce thousands of downloads. The white paper has garnered lots of interest in our new service and has been instrumental in turning multiple prospects into actual customers.”

Typical scenario: The customer wants the endorsement value of a particular user, and to illustrate the operation and advantages of the product in the hands of an actual user.

Process: During preliminary discussions with the client, we identify the key advantages to be covered in the document. We also detail target length, technical level, and precise marketing function including call to action. Then we speak with the user, gathering detailed information about their use, and getting quotes from key stakeholders.

Beamr Case Study: Beamr offers an innovative video optimization process that they’re trying to raise awareness for. Several early adopters agreed to provide case studies. SLC wrote two case studies for Beamr, one relating to Interlude, the other M-Go (now part of Fandango).

Results: (From Dror Gill, CTO & VP Product at Beamr). “Jan wrote some marketing whitepapers and case studies for us. It was a great pleasure working with Jan, who is one of the world’s top experts on video encoding and streaming workflows. His vast experience and intimate knowledge of video encoding and quality, combined with his strong writing skills and background as a technology journalist and editor, contributed to producing top-class marketing material for our company. Jan always meets the agreed schedule, and his work has consistently exceeded my expectations. On top of it all, he is a super nice guy to work with.”

Other case studies that were written for magazine publication:

Telestream Vantage – Case Study: Fighting Irish Revamp Their Digital Video Workflow, Streaming Media Magazine.

Qumu Enterprise YouTube – eBay Embraces Enterprise YouTube.

In addition to writing and streaming, Ozer is an accomplished videoographer, video editor, and screencam producer, and has produced multiple screencam-based courses on Udemy and Lynda.com. Ozer leverages these skills by producing a number of streaming-related tutorials for many companies in the streaming industry, including Adobe, Epiphan, Teradek, Matrox,, Telestream, vMix, and others.

These projects follow a strict three-step process. First, Ozer and the customer discuss the key points to be made in the product demo, the best scenarios to present them, and the video’s function in the sales funnel. Then Ozer writes a script and creates a storyboard for the video, which the client reviews. Once the script and storyboard are approved, production starts, and generally the first draft is approved with very minor, or no changes.