VP8 vs. H.264 vs x264 Comparisons

As part of my First Looks review of VP8 and WebM for StreamingMedia.com, ran a bunch of VP8 and H.264 comparisons, initially using the MainConcept H.264 codec, since that’s the codec included with Sorenson Squeeze, which I used to produce the VP8 files. Then, I added some comparison files produced using the x264 codec, encoding…


SLC Helps Navy with Streaming Encoding

June – 2010 – OK, it was just one department of the Navy – the Carderock Division in West Bethesda, Maryland. According to their web site, “Carderock Division is the principal Navy resource, national focal point and international leader in surface and undersea vehicle science, ship systems and related maritime technology. A major technical component…


Producing Video for the iPad

In case you missed it (har, har), Apple shipped the iPad in early April. I think one of the best uses of the new device will be for video playback and photo display. In this column, I’ll discuss how to encode video for the iPad. What’s that you ask? Do I have one? Well, sure,…


New Survey Report about the Apple iPad and HTML5

There’s been lots of hype about the iPad and HTML5 recently, but precious little hard information. A new survey-based report from StreamingMedia.com, entitled Supporting the iPad and HTML5 – Timing, Motivation, Costs and Scope, provides concrete data by detailing the plans of the 1,147 survey respondents regarding support for these platforms. The report also provides…


Video Production for Streaming

Here’s the PDF from a course on Streaming Production that I taught at StreamingMedia East. Here’s the agenda.

production agenda.jpg

I’ve included lots of useful stats, like H.264 encoding parameters used by some high profile web sites (shown below), and averages for high profile media and corporate sites (download PDF to view).

h264 configs.jpg