Streaming Media 101: Technical Onboarding for Streaming Media Professionals

This 8-hour video course teaches the technical fundamentals and skills necessary to produce and distribute streaming media. It enables organizations to efficiently provide employees with the knowledge required to succeed in streaming media-related jobs. Employers can ensure completion via the completion certificate.

Computing and Using Video Quality Metrics: A Course for Encoding Professionals

Video quality metrics like PSNR, SSIM, VMAF, and SSIMPLUS predict how subjective viewers will evaluate digital videos. Many large producers like Netflix and Facebook use these metrics to guide day-to-day encoding decisions like choosing the optimal encoding settings, creating encoding ladders, and evaluating codecs and encoding tools. This course teaches you how to compute and apply these metrics.

Encoding and Packaging for Multiple Screen Delivery

This course will teach you the applicable standards and best strategies for delivering live and VOD video to viewers on all platforms, both with and without DRM. Along the way, you’ll learn options for producing H.264 and HEVC; the status of standards like the Common Media Application Format (CMAF), Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions (EME); and how and when to utilize them. You’ll learn the technical requirements for delivering to all key platforms and the best practices for making it happen.

Produce Videos with FFmpeg: The Beginner's Course

You will learn to use FFmpeg, Bento4, and Apple’s HLS tools to produce optimized videos for delivery to HLS and DASH clients. Each lesson covers theory and practice so you can choose the best option and use the optimal command syntax.