Three Premiere Pro Tips-A Video Tutorial

This video tutorial illustrates three tips that will enhance your workflow and get you out of some editing jams in your Adobe Premiere Pro projects: editing audio without unlinking; Fill Left and Fill Right to create stereo audio; and creating nested sequences for smoother edits and creating reusable set pieces in your projects.

Choosing an Enterprise Encoder

Gave a presentation today to the Adobe Media Server Users group on choosing an enterprise encoder. To view the presentation itself, click here. You can download the 50+ page handout below. Here’s a description of the presentation. This session will discuss factors to consider when choosing enterprise video encoding systems from the likes of: Digital…


YouTube uses FFMPEG for encoding

I guess for many producers, the title is akin to “there is no Santa Claus,” or “the Republican Party’s top priority is reducing taxes for the one-percenters who fund their PACs;” obvious facts, and just not news. On the other hand, for many other producers, confirmation that YouTube uses FFMPEG might mean that they should…


Configuring low data rate adaptive streams

When you configure a group of adaptive streaming files, you produce some files at relatively low data rates. With these files, you have several options to preserve quality, including lowering the resolution, the frame rate or both. Lower resolutions preserve frame quality but can look pixelated when scaled for display. Higher resolutions avoid scaling artifacts,…