Consumer Brands Flock to YouTube (67%!)

Sam Walton would have liked YouTube. The site provides viewers with a range of file options in a well-featured player that offers comments, ratings, likes and captions. Companies who post videos can create their own channels and a host of viewing statistics, plus gazillions of eyeballs. In addition to that, of course, it’s free. I’m…


DVD vs. Online Training Delivery — Online is Cheaper

Continuing education vendor Suncam charged $50 for DVDs, and offered the same video for free via streaming. Which cost more? The DVDs, even after the $50. SunCam is a Florida company and consulting client that provides continuing education courses and related certification tests in a range of disciplines, including engineering, construction, surveying, project management and…


What’s Happening with Flash, DASH and HLS

Which technology will you use in 2015 to reach multiple screens, DASH or HLS? While DASH gets the most attention, HLS is my front-runner, and Flash will still dominate desktops. Flash has been one of the foundational technologies for streaming media since the VP6 replaced SV3 as the primary codec in 2005. However, when the…


Beet.TV Interview on HEVC from Streaming Media East

I hosted a panel on HEVC at Streaming Media East in Manhattan on May 21, 2013. Just after the session ended,’s Andy Plesser asked me what Akamai, Rovi and Elemental had revealed during the discussion, and how the cloudy royalty picture may slow down HEVC adoption. Here are the excerpts.

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