The Case for VP9

While HEVC is getting most of the buzz surrounding Ultra High Definition (UHD) codecs, it plays in exactly zero browsers at this point, while VP9 plays in 60% of the available browsers. In tests I performed for my sessions at Streaming Media West, VP9 delivered better quality than HEVC at similar encoding parameters. So why…


Big Changes at Sorenson Media

Sorenson Media hired a new CEO, Marcus Liassides, with big plans to change Sorenson from a sleepy encoding company to a media powerhouse. I intervewed Marcus on Google Hangouts, which you can watch below. Or, you can read a summary of the interview on 

Computers Still Dominate Internet Viewing

Though the lead is slipping, viewing of Internet video on computers still dominates that of tablets, mobile phones or OTT devices, according to a report entitled, US Digital Video Audience Profile: Who’s Watching, How They’re Watching and What Screens They’re Watching, that I spotted on eMarketer (citing data from HUB REsearch). Red is data from 2013,…


Adobe Revs the Creative Cloud

A press release entitled Adobe Updates All Pro Video Applications just crossed my desk. Here are the paragraphs relevant to Premiere Pro and the Adobe Media Encoder.  Premiere Pro – The Premiere Pro CC 2014.2 update includes a number of feature enhancements for editors, including support for Arri Open Gate media, the ability to set…


Replacing Flash: Media Source Extension and Encrypted Media Extensions

Here’s the session description, you can download all the handouts below. The video is below as well.  The Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) are the standardized toolsets that enable browsers to deliver adaptive streaming and digital rights management without plug-ins. This session details what these extensions are, how they’re being supported…