Flash is Dead Again (Yawn)

So, YouTube finally went HTML5 first with Flash Fallback, triggering another round of Flash is Dead articles. Hey, didn’t Flash die when Apple shipped the iPad without it? I remember reading lots of articles back then telling me it was so. Well, in truth, it’s a lot truer now, but don’t send flowers to Adobe…


Beamr Technology Assessment

I recently finished evaluating Beamr Video. The evaluation included analyzing the quality of the resulting clips using objective measures such as PSNR, SSIM and VQM, and conducting extensive viewing of the optimized clips, assessing their subjective quality compared to the original clips. Following this evaluation, I concluded that “for 99.99% of the expert and average…


The Case for VP9

While HEVC is getting most of the buzz surrounding Ultra High Definition (UHD) codecs, it plays in exactly zero browsers at this point, while VP9 plays in 60% of the available browsers. In tests I performed for my sessions at Streaming Media West, VP9 delivered better quality than HEVC at similar encoding parameters. So why…


Big Changes at Sorenson Media

Sorenson Media hired a new CEO, Marcus Liassides, with big plans to change Sorenson from a sleepy encoding company to a media powerhouse. I intervewed Marcus on Google Hangouts, which you can watch below. Or, you can read a summary of the interview on streamingmedia.com.