Microphone options

Figure 3 shows a good cross section of the types of microphones you should be
considering for your shoots. Let’s briefly identify them, and then
cover the three characteristics of microphones you need to learn before


Flat lighting techniques

After speaking with Chang, I was eager to try his idea of using one
key light behind the camera because this would save transporting
another light on portable shoots and would guarantee absolute even
lighting across the face. Rather than using the

Applying Compression

Our tasks are arguably a bit
out of sequence here, because when I apply compression I typically do
it before normalization or other amplification. But for discussion
purposes, it’s better placed here. To apply Soundbooth’s
Advanced Co

Beyond HDV: AVCHD High-definition Compression

Although AVCHD first appeared in consumer camcorders, a variation—AVC-Intra—will soon show up in broadcast cameras from Panasonic. Given that the MPEG-4 technology that fuels AVCHD is roughly twice as efficient as the MPEG-2 technology used in HDV, the new Sony-Panasonic standard will likely supplant HDV in the prosumer space. For this reason, it’s a standard…

Death, Taxes and Vista

Writing is a lot like video editing, in that you tend to fool
yourself about how long a column, article, or wedding edit will take to
complete. “I’ll do that in 20 hours,” you confidently claim to
yourself, and then six weeks lat

Prep Your Videos to Share

So, little Suzie had her big recital, and you brought the new camcorder and tripod, enduring “Who does this guy think he is, Spielberg?” stares from other parents (and likely your spouse). Now it’s time for your big reward: You get to show the world the gorgeous new video of your future American Idol winner. You…

From YouTube to Your iPod

You’ve found an irresistible video on YouTube that you just have to show to your friends, so you want to download it to your Apple iPod. You search in vain for theDownload to iPod button that should be there on the YouTube page but isn’t. YouTube doesn’t make it easy; you’re going to have to do it…