Review: Focus Enhancements FireStore FS-C

Focus Enhancements‘ FS-C direct to edit (DTE) recorder is a high-performance, feature-rich product that’s the perfect complement to Canon camcorders like the XL H1, XH A1, or even XL2 (I tested with the XH A1). The only catch is price; at $1,799.95 for the 100GB model at B&H Photo, the unit may be hard to…

Setting Up Dual-Monitor Editing for Premiere Pro

Dual-monitor editing stations used to be exotic, expensive, and hard to set up and maintain. Today, with virtually all new graphics cards offering dual-output ports, flat-panel monitors priced well below $300, and rock-solid support in Windows XP and popular prosumer NLEs like Adobe Premiere Pro, building a dual-monitor station is both financially and technically within…

Finishing Up

This brings up a critical point on
saving intermediate files while editing. Though you can undo all of the
tasks described above while you’re editing the file, once you
save the file, you can’t go back—Soundbooth applies all

Capturing High Quality Audio

It generally only takes a video shoot or two before you realize that
the weakest link on your camcorder is the microphone. Don’t worry: It’s
not you, or really your camcorder for that matter, just the simple fact
of life that all onboard microphon

Connection options

There are two ways to
connect external microphones to camcorders, though not all camcorders
offer either or both options. First, of course, is your microphone
port, which comes in two general categories. One is an XLR connector,
which is typicall