2009 Encoder Shootout

Wow! Another year has passed. And so it’s time for another round of
encoding tool updates. In this roundup, I’ll compare the output
quality, speed, and codec-related feature set of the most prominent
crop of sub-$1,000 encoders and pro

Edit Review: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Suite 4 (CS4) is out and shipping in all its glory. You’ve probably heard lots about it. In this review, I’ll pull the major points together and review CS4’s new features within the workflow of a typical project, from preproduction planning to rendering and authoring. First, some housekeeping details. Premiere Pro…

Shooting for Streaming – HD or SD?

This article is a drama showing just how far a man will go to prove that he’s right (or perhaps, not wrong). What’s in it for you besides the guilty pleasure of reading a desperate nail-biter? It’s called stealth learning. Hidden in the suspenseful plotline are some invaluable lessons about shooting for streaming, ways in…