A leading expert on H.264 encoding for live and on-demand production, and as contributing editor to Streaming Media Magazine, has tested most cloud, enterprise and desktop encoding tools, worked with most online video platforms (OVPs) and live streaming services, and many webcast platforms.

Review: HP Z800

Since the launch of the Core 2 Duo line of processors in mid-2006, new workstations have been more about evolution than revolution, with solid incremental but uninspiring performance gains. This is no longer. Sporting a completely redesigned case and Intel’s new Nehalem processor the new Z800 knocks the socks off HP’s existing workstation line—especially for…

Test Drive: Telestream Episode Pro

Telestream Episode Pro has emerged as a top performer on the Mac, and last December, Telestream released a Windows version. It’s an affordable tool that all HD producers on both platforms need to be aware of, so I’m devoting this month’s Affordable HD to a review of this product. In this first installment, I’ll review…

McKinsey Peer Review

Click here to watch the video describing this analysis. Overview:  McKinsey & Company is a leading international consulting firm who publishes the McKinsey Quarterly. McKinsey recently started posting video interviews on their web site. In this

2009 Encoder Shootout

Wow! Another year has passed. And so it’s time for another round of
encoding tool updates. In this roundup, I’ll compare the output
quality, speed, and codec-related feature set of the most prominent
crop of sub-$1,000 encoders and pro