Peer Review: The Wine Library

This is a peer review of streaming video produced by the Wine Library, written as a sidebar to a feature story by Here’s the intro:As you’ve read in Troy Dreier’s feature,
the Wine Library’s producer and star, Gary Vaynerch

Test Drive: Apple Mac Pro, Part 1

When some people get a powerful new computer, they want to produce a new video, play games, or show it off to their friends. I just want to run as many tests as possible to analyze its performance, which I guess means that I’m well suited for this portion of my job description.    …

Test Drive: Intel Nehalem, Part 1

A few months ago, I ran some Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4) benchmarks on different computers that isolated how CS4 performed with formats ranging from DV to Red. Now that Intel’s Nehalem processor is upon us, those numbers are obsolete, so I’m updating them with results from two Nehalem-based workstations that I’ve been testing. In this installment, I’ll explain the…