Lighting for Streaming

Without question, lighting is the single most important
determinant of streaming quality. Shoot a well lit scene with a consumer
camcorder, or a poorly lit scene with the latest HD wonder with 2/3” CCDs, and
the consumer camcorder wi

Silverlight Counterpoint

Earlier this week, I posted a column relating to Silverlight observations made while teaching a seminar at Stanford. My colleague, Stefan Richter, posted a snippet of the column on his site,, a premiere learning site for Flash de

Liquid-cooled HP Z800 Workstation Test Drive

I produce a lot of screencams and other narration-type recordings, and workstation noise is a constant concern. I also have multiple computers around my office, most off testing some software program or rendering some project. While “cacophony” is definitely too strong a word to apply, less noise is always good. For this reason, I was…

Final Cut Pro 7:First Look Review

By now you know that Apple has launched an update to Final Cut Studio. I got an early look last week. The new version will cost $999, a reduction in price of $300. If you own any previous version of Final Cut Pro—even version 1, insisted the product manager in our meeting—you can upgrade to…