Video Quality of UGC and Inexpensive OVP Sites

This article contains the videos that I encoded for an article I wrote for Specifically, I encoded video on five UGC sites, YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, DailyMotion and Metacafe, and VideoPress, which is the fee-based video publishing option available to WordPress users. After uploading the videos, I embedded them using each web site’s players in…

SLC Releases Book: Video Compression for Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5

This book is for anyone seeking to efficiently produce high quality video for streaming over the Internet or playing on Apple and other mobile devices. It provides detailed recommendations regarding which platforms to target and the appropriate configurations for producing streaming files and files for distributing via iTunes, with extensive comparisons of the most popular streaming encoding programs.

It also discusses considerations for choosing whether to distribute video from your own site (or the Cloud) or whether to host your videos on user generated content sites or online video platforms. There’s a chapter on choosing the best tools and workflow for live event production, along with chapters detailing how to accelerate encoding on multiple-core workstations and LAN clusters and various tools for analyzing and debugging streaming video files.

Webcasting at HoustonFest in Galax this weekend via LiveStream

HoustonFest is a festival in Galax to honor a musician, soldier and fireman killed in a motorcycle wreck in 2010. I’m (Jan Ozer) producing the webcast. Here’s the feed from LiveStream, and some earlier clips available on-demand.