A leading expert on H.264 encoding for live and on-demand production, and as contributing editor to Streaming Media Magazine, has tested most cloud, enterprise and desktop encoding tools, worked with most online video platforms (OVPs) and live streaming services, and many webcast platforms.

Time to Abandon Flash? It Depends

Flash has been getting lots of bad press lately, some deserved, some not. Is it time to abandon Adobe’s long-in-the-tooth technology? Well, judging from the title an article I wrote that recently appeared on Streaming Media, HTML5 Comes of Age: It’s Finally Time to Tell Flash Good-bye, you would think so. Funny thing, though, editors…

Choosing a Streaming Appliance

In the market for a streaming appliance? In this article that just posted on streamingmedia.com, I review the factors to consider when choosing a live streaming appliance with a budget of around $10,000. The base requirements for the systems I discus