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My article in the Streaming Media Sourcebook entitled the State of Codecs 2017 just published. It’s actually a review of codec-related highlights from 2016, which include:

  • HDR market converging on two-technology solution (Dolby Vision and HDR10)
  • Beamr acquiring Vanguard
  • Apple supporting fragmented MP4 files in HLS
  • Apple deprecates TN2224
  • Netflix loudly proclaims HEVC superior to VP9, then quietly recants
  • Eutelsat invests in V-Nova
  • MPEG LA announces DASH royalty
  • HEVC Advance makes some software royalty free
  • Nokia sues Apple for H.264 patent infringement
  • AV1 pushed to 2017

For more on any or all of these topics, click here to read the article. I should also note three other articles that just appeared, The State of 4K and HDR 2017, by Adrian Pennington, The Biggest Streaming Media Mergers and Acquisitions of 2016, by Tim Siglin, and The State of Mobile Video 2017, by Paul Schmutzler. Enjoy.