Preprocessing your video

Streaming Producton - Improving Video Quality - the Video

janhead.jpgThis is a video from a session at Streaming Media West. In addition to the production/pre-processing and encoding tips, it's a unique opportunity to see me - Jan Ozer - as a blonde, which I was for roughly 6 weeks last year (a Halloween thing).

Click through to the main article to watch the video.

Color and Brightness Correction in Final Cut Pro

Of all the skills necessary to successfully edit video, one of the most important is brightness and color correction. To understand how to adjust brightness and color optimally, you have to know how to read a waveform monitor.

In this tutorial, first we'll learn how to enter Final Cut Pro's color correction mode and read the waveform monitor. Then we'll learn how to diagnose and correct a range of brightness and color related problems Using Final cut Pro's Color Corrector effect. Click over to the main article to view the tutorial.

Top tips for improving streaming video quality

I'm at StreamingMedia West in San Jose about to go into a session on improving your streaming video quality - my top tips. I'm attaching the presentation to this short post for those who attended and others interested in the topic.

I hope you find them helpful.

The easiest way to improve streaming quality

It sounds obvious, but good streaming quality starts with good video quality. While it's easy to get caught up in the technical aspects and minutia of compression, sometimes improving your quality is much, much easier.

Appearing on CNN does add 20 pounds to A-Rod and Tiger

CNN recently upped the resolution and data rate of their video to close to 800 kbps, with aggressive audio and especially key frame configurations. Unfortunately, they haven't fixed the aspect ratio-related problems that have plagued their videos for years - it's a wonder their anchors aren't screaming. Read about the updated video configuration and the aspect ratio issues inside.