Live Video Production

Onstream Vs. Livestream: Which Is Better for Online Events?

I recently kicked off six streaming-specific webinars. My motivation? To sell copies of my new book. Rather than market through book reviews and bloggers, I decided to reach out directly to potential buyers with content.

How-To: Calculating Outbound Bandwidth Requirements for Live Events

Outbound bandwidth can make or break a live streamed event. Unfortunately, while this used to be easy to calculate, it’s now quite challenging as stream counts increase and encoding and transcoding alternatives proliferate.

How-To: Calculating Outbound Bandwidth Requirements for Live Events

Live event production is great, but if you can't get the signal out of the building and to your streaming server, you're dead in the water. I wrote a How To article for Streaming Media Magazine on this topic. Here are the first few paragraphs: Outbou...

How to Create Google+ Hangouts On Air: A Complete Walkthrough

I recently presented a webinar via Google+ Hangouts On Air. Overall, the system performed well, and the presentation came off without a hitch, though the lack of iOS compatibility is a definite downer. In this article, I’ll describe what Google+ Hangouts On Air is and the procedure used to produce the webinar.

How to Webcast with YouTube Live

I recently produced a webinar on YouTube Live using Telestream Wirecast, and wanted to document the experience. This isn’t a full, bang-it-till-it-breaks comparative review, it’s more of a CliffsNotes pictorial of what’s available and how to use it.

Webcasting Live Events with the Cbox P2 HD

I recently produced a tutorial about Winnov's Cbox P2 HD, which is a great product for corporations, schools and other enterprises that hold frequent live events that combine a speaker, PowerPoint slides and other inputs. The unit can produce the eve...

Handout for Choosing a Live Encoder - SMWest 2012

Here's the seminar description:

Choosing a Live Streaming Encoder: This session discusses factors to consider when choosing a live streaming encoder, starting with free or inexpensive software options to high-volume, big iron systems, including quality, performance, portability, features, and format support. The session also examines how new cloud- based features such as live transrating are changing the requirements for on-location encoding. If you’re considering buying hardware or software for producing live events, you’ll find this session particularly useful.

Click to the article to download the handout.

Livestream Broadcaster Review up on

Here's how it begins. Livestream Broadcaster is an exceptionally easy to configure and use live encoder that produced very good quality over a range of relevant bandwidths. The only significant negatives are that the unit doesn't work with the olde...

Short Video Shot with Livestream Broadcaster

Livestream was kind enough to supply a review copy of their Livestream Broadcaster box, which I worked with today. The review will appear in Streaming Media Magazine; this short snippet will give you an idea of the quality that the unit produces and ...

Ustream Review: Strong Customization, but a Weak Embedded Player

The largest live streaming service, Ustream is strong choice due to its video control options and monetization programs.