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Top tips for improving streaming video quality

I'm at StreamingMedia West in San Jose about to go into a session on improving your streaming video quality - my top tips. I'm attaching the presentation to this short post for those who attended and others interested in the topic.

I hope you find them helpful.

A quick shout-out for Google Documents

I've been using Google Documents so much lately that it seemed like it might be useful for others who work in the video world. So, here's a quick description of what Google Documents is (are?) and how I'm using it.

Video: streaming production: improving your video quality

Here's a 45 minute video on improving streaming video quality from a presentation given by Jan Ozer at Streaming Media East in May, 2009. The video covers common mistakes made by producers in pre-production, encoding and distribution. You can download a PDF file containing the presentation by clicking the "Full Story" link below to visit the web page that contains the video.

Sorenson Boosts Squeeze 5.1's Deinterlacing Quality

If you work with interlaced source footage, the quality of your deinterlacing filter is one of the key components to final compressed quality. Unfortunately for Sorenson Squeeze users, the quality of Squeeze's deinterlacing filters prior to version 5.1 was subpar. If you knew about the problem, you could deinterlace in your editor when producing an intermediate file and avoid the problem. Otherwise, your overall quality was potentially degraded by jaggies like that shown in Figure 1.

Streaminglearningcenter Announces Summer Courses at Stanford and Harvard

Galax, VA- Streaming Learning Center announces two one-week streaming production courses to be taught by Jan Ozer of and produced by Digital Media Academy. The two hands-on courses, to be held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA (July 20-24) and Harvard in Boston, MA (July 27-31), will cover streaming production from set design to encoding using equipment from vendors like Sony, Bogen and Photoflex, and production software from Adobe and Apple. Class sizes are limited to ensure active participation for all students.

Five Streaming Production Mistakes to Avoid

Every spring I speak at Streaming Media East in New York City. Usually, I do a 3-hour, tech-heavy seminar on streaming production or the current state of the codec market, plus a 1-hour discussion on an equally weighty topic. This year I decided to mix it up with a fun, Jerry Springer-like approach: the top X mistakes made by streaming producers, with examples. Though these topics are relevant to anyone who's ever posted a streaming video, I'm guessing that the crossover between EventDV readers and Streaming Media East attendees is pretty slight, so I'll share my ideas here.

Thanks to the Greater Wisconsin Chapter of the MCA-I

I presented a half day seminar for the Greater Wisconsin Chapter of the MCA-I on Thursday, April 9. I wanted to thank all the folks who made that possible and made my stay enjoyable, including Dick Kenitzer, Sue Reetz, Pam Rucinski, and especially Colleen Parquette, who graciously shepherded me to and fro the airport (and asked great questions).

This presentation was particularly fun because I presented two brand new topics, on distribution options for streaming media, and using streaming media for customer acquisition and retention. It's wonderful to synthesize thoughts on a new topic and then present before a knowledgeable and engaged group of professionals and get their input.

Some of the attendees requested that I post the full slides from the presentation to supplement the printed handouts that the MCA-I supplied at the seminar, so I'm doing so. For those who might wander by by chance, I also present the agenda for each hour of the presentation in the main article.

Accelerating Encoding on Multiple Core Workstations

Have a multiple processor Mac or Windows Workstation? Here's how to make it fly when producing your streaming media files.

YouTube does 720P HD using H.264

Here's an overview of YouTube's new HD H.264-based offering, and a deep look at the encoding parameters YouTube uses. If you're producing H.264 video, or post videos to YouTube, you should have a look.

Shooting an Interview with a Single Camera

To produce professional video on a budget, you need to master various visual and technical arts. But you also need to become a master of illusion, especially if you're working as a crew of one. Here we explore the art of the single-camera shoot, and insert-editing techniques that will ensure that you have all the angles covered.