H.264 production

Content in this category discusses how to produce H.264 video.

Producing Video for the iPad

ipad.jpgIn case you missed it (har, har), Apple shipped the iPad in early April. I think one of the best uses of the new device will be for video playback and photo display. In this column, I’ll discuss how to encode video for the iPad. What’s that you ask? Do I have one? Well, sure, certainly. What do I think? Well, I’ve only had it for a grand total of less than a day, but I’ve already formed some strong impressions. Actually, I have a bunch of them, some not my own.

H264 Production Seminar

Download the PDF handout for the H.264 Production seminar that I taught at StreamingMedia East. Here's the agenda.

h264 agenda.jpg

First Look: H.264 and VP8 Compared

VP8 is now free, but if the quality is substandard, who cares? Well, it turns out that the quality isn't substandard, so that's not an issue, but neither is it twice the quality of H.264 at half the bandwidth.

See for yourself

If you're encoding in QuickTime/Compressor, you gotta checkout x264

So, I was doing some consulting work for a client who's currently encoding with the x264 codec. Part of the work involved benchmarking their current quality against other encoding tools I have around the office, so I downloaded the x264 QuickTime Cod...

H.264 Main or High Profile? Use High says Ben Waggonner

Interesting line of questions on the Advanced Streaming List recently. One producer shared that he was encoding using the following parameters: 768kbps512x288H.264 Main Profile Level 3.1 Microsoft's Ben Waggoner, author of Compression for Great Vide...

H.264 Licensing and the X.264 codec

Ever since MPEG-LA announced their policy of not charging royalties for H.264 video distributed free over the Internet, I've been getting a bunch of emails, so I thought I would share them. I'm not inviting more emails on this topic, by they way, unl...

Interview with MPEG-LA's CEO re: H.264 Royalties


I just got off the phone with MPEG LA President and CEO Larry Horn regarding MPEG-LA’s announcement that the AVC Patent Portfolio License will continue not to charge royalties for free Internet video through December 31, 2016. Click through to the main article to read the Q&A.

MPEG-LA H.264 Royalty Policy for Free Internet Video - FREE!

MPEG LA’s AVC License Will Continue Not to Charge Royalties for Internet Video that is Free to End Users

(DENVER, CO, US – 2 February 2010) – MPEG LA announced today that its AVC Patent Portfolio License will continue not to charge royalties for Internet Video that is free to end users (known as Internet Broadcast AVC Video) during the next License term from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2016. Products and services other than Internet Broadcast AVC Video continue to be royalty-bearing, and royalties to apply during the next term will be announced before the end of 2010.

I'll attempt to speak with someone at MPEG-LA to understand their decision, and discuss its parameters, and will post when I have something.

YouTube does 1080p with H.264

On November 12, YouTube announced that "1080p HD Is Coming to YouTube." In this article, I'll describe the type of file you should upload to trigger 1080p encoding, analyze the 1080p files created by YouTube and detail the other files created by YouTube in addition to the 1080p file. Click over to the full article to read on.

Time to switch from VP6 to H.264? Yes, but .. mind the royalties

Got this question today via email: Found your article in Streaming Media (http://www.streamingmedia.com/article.asp?id=10969) particularly useful, and wondered if you had any updates on .flv vs H.264 penetration and usage.  We're considering going 1...