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Content in this category discusses how streaming video is used for marketing and customer retention.

Deep Thoughts on Producing Marketing Videos

I recently gave a half-day seminar to the greater Wisconsin chapter of the Media Communications Association—International, and I devoted the last hour to creating effective marketing videos for businesses and other organizations. In pulling the materials together, I reviewed 50 or so product-oriented videos from the likes of HP, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM. As many of you have already discovered, creating videos for small to midsize businesses gives videographers a nice opportunity to branch out into new markets. In this column, I’ll share the key points from that last hour.

Nielson report details increasing online video usage and impact on advertising

It's been impossible not to notice the increase in the number of internet video viewers and the increased length of time they spend watching. Still, a look at the actual numbers, and the impact on advertising, is profound. You can learn all about this and more in a new report on the Global Online Media Landscape by The Nielsen Company Online.

Report highlights:

  • The number of American users frequenting online video destinations has climbed 339% since 2003
  • In the last year, unique viewers of online video grew 10%, the number of streams grew 41%, the streams per user grew 27% and the total minutes engaged with online video grew 71%

The report also covers the impact of social media on advertising.

Here's a short video describing the report (and yes, it's very significant that Nielson is using YouTube to help get the word out about the report):

You can download the report here:

Marketing with Video

In April, 2009, I gave a half day seminar before the Greater Wisconsin Chapter of the Media Communications Associates, International. I spent the fourth hour describing how video is being used by organizations to market their products and services. This series of articles captures details the information discussed during that last hour.

Thanks to the Greater Wisconsin Chapter of the MCA-I

I presented a half day seminar for the Greater Wisconsin Chapter of the MCA-I on Thursday, April 9. I wanted to thank all the folks who made that possible and made my stay enjoyable, including Dick Kenitzer, Sue Reetz, Pam Rucinski, and especially Colleen Parquette, who graciously shepherded me to and fro the airport (and asked great questions).

This presentation was particularly fun because I presented two brand new topics, on distribution options for streaming media, and using streaming media for customer acquisition and retention. It's wonderful to synthesize thoughts on a new topic and then present before a knowledgeable and engaged group of professionals and get their input.

Some of the attendees requested that I post the full slides from the presentation to supplement the printed handouts that the MCA-I supplied at the seminar, so I'm doing so. For those who might wander by by chance, I also present the agenda for each hour of the presentation in the main article.

Go where the eyeballs are - shooting product videos

Shooting product videos is an emerging market that should interest many videographers (and folks who sell products as well).