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The ROI of Enterprise Webcasting: Justifying the Expense

You can financially justify the expenses surrounding webcasting in multiple ways. First, streaming media can provide a cheaper alternative to an existing practice. Second, it can open new revenue opportunities. Finally, it can allow you to extend you...

Review: Vidizmo EnterpriseTube

For this review of the Vidizmo EnterpriseTube, which just posted on Streaming Media, the lead says it all. Let me be up front about this. Vidizmo EnterpriseTube is the first corporate YouTube product that I’ve reviewed. So if you’re looking for a...

Satellite, Cellmux and Fiber; Alternatives to Ethernet

Suppose you're tasked with producing a high-profile live event. Perhaps the location has Ethernet connectivity, but you also want a redundant connection in case the Ethernet goes down. Or perhaps the location doesn't offer Ethernet. What are your opt...

eBay Embraces Enterprise YouTube to Maintain Competitive Advantage

I had a great opportunity to write a case study on eBay's use of Qumu's enterprise YouTube product. Sometimes, these discussions are strictly technical, the bits and bytes, procedures and workflows, that kind of thing. While I covered that with eBay'...

Video for the Long Haul: Exploring Backhaul Options

You’re streaming a high-profile event in the not-too-distant future, and you’re wondering about your options for transmitting your video to your streaming server or service provider. You’re concerned about quality, reliability, and perhaps redundancy. You’ve read about satellite and fiber, as well as multiple options for efficiently transmitting over IP networks, but you’re not sure what they require in terms of equipment and cost. If this in any way describes your situation, you’ve come to the right place, because these backhaul options are precisely what I’ll be covering in this article.

Review: Vidizmo EnterpriseTube

Let me be up front about this. Vidizmo EnterpriseTube is the first corporate YouTube product that I’ve reviewed. So if you’re looking for a comparative analysis detailing how the product stacks up with other options, this, unfortunately, isn’t it. On the other hand, if you’re curious about what a corporate YouTube does and how it works, well, we can take that journey together. You in? Let’s get started.

The ROI of Enterprise Webcasting: Justifying the Expense

Enterprises have been delivering video over the internet since around 1997, and we’re well past the phase of delivering video for video’s sake. If your CFO asked you, “Has all this streaming video even remotely paid for itself?” could you answer in the affirmative -- and back it up? We went hunting for use cases where streaming media was clearly financially justified.

Review: Panopto Lecture Capture and Webcasting System

The increasing acceleration of worker turnover makes knowledge capture and management a critical function for most organizations, large and small. Even organizations blessed with low turnover can benefit from capturing information detailed in presentations, webinars, and less formal meetings for archiving, sharing, and training.

eBay Embraces Enterprise YouTube

A funny thing happened on my way to writing a case study about eBay's use of their enterprise YouTube. Specifically, the discussion transitioned from tech talk, like identifying channels and moderation workflows, to the social forces driving eBay's decision to implement its enterprise YouTube and to surround it with complementary functionality.

Adobe Promises DASH and HEVC - In Primetime, Not Flash Player

Beet.tv did a fabulous job covering technology trends at NAB with interviews from a seemingly endless list of A-listers, from Akamai and Adobe, to Microsoft, Netflix, Viacom, Broadcom, you name it. One of the interviews was with Ashley Still, directo...