Distributing your video

How to post videos to your web site - a primer for non-techies

This article discusses several simple alternatives for distributing videos from your web site.

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How to Upload High-Quality YouTube Videos

Few people can resist uploading videos to YouTube, whether as a simple way to share their work with friends or to launch a production upon the unsuspecting world. The traditional downside, however, has been video quality that ranged from fair to, frankly, poor.

However, YouTube recently launched a new option that encodes some videos to both standard and high-quality parameters. The difference between standard and high-quality video is striking. Not all uploaded videos get encoded into the high-quality format, but if you follow a few simple rules, it's likely that YouTube will produce yours in both formats. I say likely because YouTube is a bit of a black box, and no one knows for sure what goes on behind the curtain. Here's what worked for me, however, and it should work for you, too.


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Down With Wintel, Man - A Modern Day Fable

It was a small, tastefully lit shop on the east side. The NC-terminal was strategically placed, towards the back, telephone cables barely visible.

The price tag hung, like a war medal, over the monochrome terminal and sleek, designer keyboard. "Network Computer - $500 (monitor not included)." Candles and incense burned on the podium - I could smell it from the street.

I took the sling out of my bag, making sure no one was looking. Hung it over my left shoulder, and laid my right arm to rest - I was still sore from my last visit to an I-Way store.  Click over to the main article to read the rest of this fable.