Final Cut Pro

Some things I've done on Final Cut Studio 3

I was fortunate to get an early look at Apple's new Final Cut Pro 7, and wrote several articles that you might find of interest.

Millimeter - Apple Final Cut Pro 7: First Look Review. A good overview of the key new features. - Apple's New Final Cut Studio Offers Workflow, Output Improvements. Focuses on encoding related features and workflows.

Blu-ray Creation with the New Apple Final Cut Studio.  Here I detail how to install a Blu-ray burner into a Mac Pro and how to create a Blu-ray disc with Final Cut Pro 7.

Available on are two screencams, one showing the new features of Final Cut Pro 7, the other doing the same for Apple Compressor

Hope you enjoy!

Apple Compressor 3.5 Screencam

Apple recently released the New Final Cut Studio, and I was fortunate enough to have an advance copy. This screencam details the new features in Compressor 3.5. Click here if you'd like to view a screencam detailing the new features in Final Cut Pro 7. For more information on Final Cut Studio, you can read my first-looks review for Millimeter here.For a review of the new features in Compressor, check out my review in Streaming Media Magazine, here

Final Cut Pro 7 details and Screencam

Apple recently released Final Cut Pro 7 and I was fortunate enough to have an advance copy, from which I've produced the feature overview screencam that you'll see if you click this link. For more information on Final Cut Studio, you can read my first-looks review for Millimeter here.

Final Cut Pro 7:First Look Review

By now you know that Apple has launched an update to Final Cut Studio. I got an early look last week. The new version will cost $999, a reduction in price of $300. If you own any previous version of Final Cut Pro—even version 1, insisted the product manager in our meeting—you can upgrade to the new Final Cut Studio for $299. From my tests, editors will find the upgrade price worth it. Note, however, that the new version, which is available now, will only run on Intel-based Macs and not older PowerPC-based systems.

The Moving Picture: Apple Final Cut Studio: the Breadth and Depth

By now you've heard that there's a new version of Final Cut Studio shipping from Apple, aptly called "the New Final Cut Studio." What's new? Well, it starts with a new price of $999, $300 less than Final Cut Studio 2. You can upgrade to the new suite from any previous version, even Final Cut Pro 1.0, for $299. All suite components were upgraded (to varying degrees) except for DVD Studio Pro—which, as you may recall, wasn't upgraded in the previous suite either. Fear not, however (are you sitting down?): The suite upgrade does enable a modest level of Blu-ray Disc authoring. Click over to the article to view the details.

Apple Compressor - New Encoding Features

Apple released the new Final Cut Studio today; what’s in it for streaming producers? Some nice workflow improvements, especially for producers of short-form content; for producers of long-form content, though, objects in the mirror may not be as close as they appear. More on that below. In terms of more mainstream uses, the big news includes Blu-ray output from within Final Cut Pro and Compressor, three new versions of ProRes, and general improvements to all suite components save DVD Studio Pro. Click over to the main article to read about the additions to Apple Compressor.

The myth of the QuickTime reference movie

Not to rant, but the QTRM has better PR people than Peyton Manning, creating a legacy that the reality doesn't quite match. Read this article to learn why not.