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A continuing series of questions from an ‘Net acquaintance on whether to post on YouTube or Vimeo. 

Question: Incidentally, I heard that Vimeo encoded 720p at higher bitrates than YouTube (or that it had more bandwidth to serve it, or both… can’t remember!).  Do you prefer to use YouTube @ 720p for other reasons?

Answer: I test with YouTube because it’s a popular subject on my blog and gets more eyeballs than any site in the world. The quality is also quite good for the grandparents and they’re familiar with the site.  I use Vimeo for many of the videos on my own site site ( because it does well with screencams.

UGC sites can play two roles – one for marketing (getting eyeballs) and one for content distribution. If you’re posting a marketing video to get eyeballs, there’s no reason not to post the video on both sites. If you’re embedding the video in your own site, and/or using Vimeo/YouTube for content distribution – you’re right – use the one that delivers the best quality.

Response: Great, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on this, Jan.  Much appreciated.  I’ll use Vimeo for quality and YouTube for Eyeballs.


#1KembyTVSaid this on 03/09/2010 At 07:12 pm

I use Vimeo on my site right now, which does deliver higher quality video than YouTube. And with my upgraded membership, has fairly quick upload time and gives me privacy controls.  What I am unhappy about is that if someone embeds my video from my site, it embeds with the Vimeo url, meaning it sends future viewers to the Vimeo page, vs. my website. I'm now looking for a good video hosting answer (besides expensive solutions like Brightcove)  that will promote my site vs. Vimeo's site. Any answers?

#2JanSaid this on 03/10/2010 At 08:25 amIn reply to #1Hhhm. Interesting question. I haven't surveyed the UGC/OVP markets on this point. Have you seen VidCompare the OVP comparison service? I'm sure you can search by price and all OVPs will send the viewer back to your web site.