SSIMWave SQM Review: Frustrating Video Quality Measurement

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I’m big into quality control and objective video measurement, and the latest tool that I’ve tested, SSIMWaves SQM (link to tool here) , offers a couple of unique elements, including a scoring system that attempts to correspond to actual human subjective use. For example, all scores in the 80-100 range should correspond to an excellent rating by the subjective viewer. This is a great feature, because while other tools can tell you which video looks better than another, they can’t tell you how a viewer will actually perceive the quality of any particular video.

On the other hand, SQM doesn’t make it easy to view the video after it’s rated, so you kind of have to take the tool’s word for the respective quality ratings. Other tools, like the Moscow University Video Quality Measurement Tool make it easy to see the quality difference is that the tool reports and to compare 2 videos with the source video.

All that said, the more I work with the SQM tool, the more I like it. You can read my review of the tool here.