Produce Broadcast Quality Events with the TriCaster TC40--Video Tutorial

Over two tutorials, I'll show you how to create a broadcast quality live production with The NewTek TriCaster TC40 TC40 provided by this video's sponsor, In the first tutorial I’ll show you how to select and configure the video and inputs; in the second, you’ll learn how to mix and stream the show itself.

During the tutorials, I'll only touch on a fraction of the unit’s overall functionality. But I'm sure it will be sufficient to convince you that if you've got a live production planned, the TC40 should be on your short list of live switchers.

Without further ado, here's the first video, describing how to select and configure the inputs.

Here's the second video, where I show how to mix a live show.

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Said this on 08/30/2013 At 12:06 pm

great resource for all the people who use this incedible device

maybe you can explore other netek's devices jan?

Said this on 08/30/2013 At 02:59 pm

Thanks, glad you found it useful. I looked at the TC8000 at:

I have another tutorial coming out on the TC 40 soon. I'll tweet when it's available.

Thanks again for the kind words.


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