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We’ve heard much doom and gloom about Flash for the last few months, much of it due to Adobe’s clumsy handling of their withdrawal from Android. Now Fabio Sonnati, an insightful and well-connected Flash consultant, is seeing some upside for the Flash platform. In a post entitled Market Repositioning of Flash Begins, Sonati reviews the new features of Adobe’s public beta of AIR 3.2 and writes:

The time will tell, but AIR has the potentialities to become a leader platform in 2D/3D games development. A single code base is sufficient to create a game for Desktop (AIR’s captivate runtime), Browser (someone named Facebook ?) and now iOS and Android. With ConnectedTVs and STBs support to come (already showed during MAX), the dream of the Open Screen project is becoming reality, at least in the game dev area (but also intensive graphic/media applications may leverage 2D/3D accelerations).

… But most important, the support for accelerated H.264 streaming has been added to AIR for iOS using the standard Apple HLS (already supported by FMS 4.5 and Wowza Server).

Check out the rest of his post here.


#1John BissylasSaid this on 03/29/2016 At 08:16 am

What is the best solution (best quality) for converting a Flash file fla into mp4 to meet HTML5 standards for playback on all devices that currently do not support Flash swf? Either convert from an Fla or an Swf.  The files I have are voiced math lessons that have a lot of text amd graphs and no actionscript. Just play.

#2JanSaid this on 03/29/2016 At 11:15 am


The FLA file is the Flash project file. I would reimport into the Flash application and output as an H.264 file with an MP4 extension.